Fun Story: Andrew Luck’s Wallet is Only Worth a New Football and a Four Lined Note, Apparently


andrew luck football
Charles, Many Thanks! You made my life much easier, ha! Thanks for reminding me of the “kindness of strangers.” -Andrew

Preface: This is not your typical in depth sports piece.

Yikes. I mean, I know he’s got a lot on his plate with recovery and everything but that’s all he could muster up from his countless resources? If you’ve ever lost your wallet, you know just how helpless of a feeling that is. You also know how awful it is to have to call your banks, cancel your cards, and except the reality that all of your belongings in that wallet are probably gone, forever. Apparently, a man found Luck’s wallet a few weeks ago while on a bike ride. He then brought the wallet to the Colts training camp where he gave it to a security guard. Now is when I could give you background on Luck’s underwhelming career thus far… How he’s had bad lineups throughout the majority of his time in the NFL… How he’s been dealing with a shoulder injury for about two years…  or when he was drafted and to what team (Hint: he was drafted by the Colts with the #1 overall pick in 2012). I’m not going to talk about his career, though. I’m going to stick to the wallet story. So anyway, this good Samaritan returns the wallet and I’m sure he’s thinking, “I just hit the lottery, Andrew is going to give me tickets to a game. Or he’s going to pay me because I know he’s making about 23 mil a year. Or he’s going to make some sort of professional athlete type gesture.” But no, the man got none of those. He got a signed football, worth no more than a Kirk Cousins signed football, and a sloppily written thank you. I know Andrew probably has people who can deal with canceling cards and we all know money isn’t an issue for him, so maybe he didn’t miss his wallet. If that was the case, maybe he didn’t feel like a huge reward was necessary. Although he DID say that it made his life much easier so that tells me that he was preparing to have to replace everything. And now he doesn’t have to worry about going to the DMV, that fact alone is worth season tickets. I just hope that if I ever find a professional athlete’s wallet, they dig a little deeper than a worthless signed football. Maybe that’s greedy, but that’s how I feel. Either that or I’ll hold it for ransom.

Shape up Andrew.

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