Kevin Durant is a Fraud/Scumbag and You Should Distance Yourself From Anyone Who Likes Him

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If you’re a fan of Kevin Durant, I firmly believe that you are capable of anything. I mean that in the worst possible way. One day, I’m going to pull up a picture of Kevin Durant and show it to my kids as a teaching moment. I’ll tell them, “Kids, this is Kevin, he was gifted with incredible height which aided him in becoming a great basketball player. However, I want you to be nothing like him. I want you (my kids) to be mentally strong and never second guess any of your decisions. I want you to be genuine with everything you do and say in life. I want you to be truly happy, never fake, and have absolutely no crippling insecurities… Lastly, I want you to always be courageous in everything you do and never, ever, take the easy way out.” You see, these are all things that KD struggles with and any good parent would want better for their children.

Here’s the most out-of-touch-with-reality clip I’ve ever seen in my entire life.



This clip is purely disgusting. I’m honestly worried that words won’t be enough to express my disdain. Kevin Durant’s lack of self-awareness as a whole is almost indescribable… almost…

For him to demand to be subbed out, saying, “I don’t wanna play no more,” and calling the Wizards weak, he has reached a new level of hate-ability. And for people to look at this video and act okay with it, blows my damn mind. HE WASN’T EVEN THE BEST PLAYER ON HIS OWN TEAM DURING THAT GAME. It would be a different story if he was the one that torched the Wizards for 51 points but no that was Steph… KD had 30!! Once again, he rode coattail of Curry and got all the shine just as he did in last years finals when Steph was clearly the best player on the Warriors for 3 of the 4 games (@ me if you don’t think this is true, I’ll prove it and put you in a casket). What makes this so funny is that just a few years ago, KD couldn’t sniff a championship ring. He was so demoralized by the thought of ending up like Charles Barkley (0 rings), that he decided to team up with the best team of all time. By making the weakest move in sports history, he ensured that he’d win at least one ring. So for him to act so irrationally cocky now, while surrounded by 3 future HOF-ers is truly laughable. He rode the coattails of an already established team and makes it seem like he’s doing it effortlessly on his own. It’s like if someone challenged you to a fight one-on-one. You get your ass beat. You go home. And then the next day you come back with 3 of the strongest guys you know. Now you 4 gang up on the guy that kicked your ass yesterday and then you laugh in his face screaming, “you weak. you weak.” That’s what makes Kevin Durant’s slender-man-lookin’-ass so intolerable.

So Kevin,

I see right through the front you put on to mask your insecurities that stem from the regret you have of joining the Warriors. Many people don’t, but I do. You know that there will always be an asterisk next to the championships you’ve won with Golden State and that’s tough for you because you couldn’t quite do it with another team with only 2 other future HOF-ers on it. And you also know that your move will never be fully validated because of the caliber of team you joined. You had other good options. Lastly, you know that you’ll always play second fiddle to Steph in Golden State and you’ll always be like a step-child to their fans… Loved just just a little less.

You’ll always be a ring-chasing cupcake, Kevin, never forget that.


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