With Jimmy Butler Gone, Tommy Boy (Tom Thibodeau) Needs to Be Next



Listen, I know we should never call for another man’s job, but holy schnikes, Thibodeau is a bad coach. I gave him a half a season when he joined the Wolves in 2016 and then I noticed something… They weren’t any better with him as coach. In fact, they almost looked worse. There was a reason he got fired by the Bulls, and that was because he wasn’t good at his job and he got bailed out by talent. When I started questioning him, people told me “j-just wait, they’ll figure it out.” That’s not happening and Thibs’ needs to be gone. It’s obvious, now, that I was right all along. To be clear, he’s the 30th best coach in the NBA and has no clue how to work with these guys. He’s not willing to adapt his coaching style to fit the game today and is incapable of connecting to the young generation of players. For instance, can someone explain to me how Andrew Wiggins has regressed since his rookie season? And why he has a max deal? And why he hasn’t been traded, yet? It honestly looks like he’s entirely forgotten how to play basketball. Just disgusting. You can blame it on his lack of effort, sure, but it comes down to coaching and management as well. Game-plan, schemes, and roles are tools that good coaches use to create a cohesive team. That’s where I think Tommy misses the boat. The Timberwolves are 6 and 9er on the season, yep you caught a niner in there (Tommy Boy reference). They can’t seem to win on the road and have too good of a roster to be doing so bad. It’s not acceptable. He has this Wolves team playing a strange isolation style of basketball that I’m sure Thibs fell in love with when DRose was shooting 41% from the field in 2011. You can’t do that anymore, in fact, you couldn’t do that then, either. The Wolves rank 22nd in assists per game and 25th in shooting percentage. That comes down to coaching. They have to get away from Isolation basketball because they just have too many weapons to be playing that way. Basically, they dribble up court, make zero or one pass and whoever gets it, plays keep away from the rest of their teammates until they shoot a low percentage shot. That comes down to coaching and game plans. Thibs’ is unwilling to change.

In Chicago, Thibs’ players covered up his lack of attention to detail as well as his inability to create a scheme and game plan that worked as a foundation for offensive success. The players and the players alone were able to do just enough to make it seem like Tom was a competent head coach, but we all know now that that couldn’t be more untrue. His teams were consistently among bottom 5 teams in the league in points per game. Yes, that’s right, were awful offensively, literally the entire time he was coaching. And for God’s sake, can we please loose the narrative that Tom’s a “defensive minded head coach?” I mean, this is why I’ve lost all hope in sports media, they just lazily label players and coaches. “Oh boy, look how good of a defensive coach he is, his teams are always in the top 5 of defensive efficiency rating.” “Let’s call him a defensive guru.” Let’s not. He’s proven that he has no clue how to coach defense, not that there’s much to coach anyway. It’s all about scheme and whether you have the personnel to play a good brand of defense. Luckily Thibodeau was blessed with multiple all-defensive NBA players while he was in Chicago, so he got a cop out and even an undeserved label. Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, and Jimmy Butler were three players that were with his teams more than half the seasons that he was with the Bulls. Not to mention, multiple other players who were regarded as above average defenders. But it’s not because of a game plan set in place by Thibodeau, instead it was because these players had the instincts and natural ability to be good defenders.

The fact that Tom Thibodeau is in over his head is entirely too clear, now. Especially since Jimmy demanded to be traded, which entirely screwed the whole organization and it’s future. Not to mention the garbage they received in return for Butler. Guess who all that heat falls on, and rightfully so? That dumbass, Tom. Since he became the Timberwolves head coach and president of basketball operations, he’s made the defense worse, ironically, since he was supposed to help soooo muuuuch in that area. The Wolves rank dead last in defensive efficiency rating this season and were ranked in the bottom three the previous two seasons. He’s also made horrible decisions in regards to signing players (Andrew Wiggins) and trading players. He obviously just has no clue. Oh yeah, that reminds me, good call GlEn TaYlOr… Great decision putting this guy in charge of ALL BASKETBALL OPERATIONS, especially since he was originally fired because he wasn’t doing a good enough job COACHING. You just handed him the keys so he could achieve his delusional fantasy of getting the Bulls back together. Might as well just hand him the key’s to your office, Glen, let him be the owner too. Seriously, do it, things can’t get much worst than they are right now.

Fire Tom Thibodeau, Trade Andrew Wiggins, and start rebuilding because in just a few short years, KAT’s going to be leaving town faster than Kevin Garnett did.

Wolves look good with their new additions so wait for the next piece when I tell you a little something about Jimmy Butler.


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