KD vs. Draymond: What Really Happened Between The Two Teammates

First of all, don’t watch the entire video. Just the beginning and the end, the middle is just for commercial break.


I just want to break this down really quick because mainstream media is full of a bunch of idiots.

So in this clip you notice when Draymond gets the rebound, he’s looking to push the floor because there’s not much time left. He’s highly competitive and probably just wanted to make a play. The thought that Draymond purposefully ignored KD’s just because Kevin was the one calling for it is truly ridiculous. In that fraction of a second, Draymond grabbed the rebound and started dribbling up court and in that split second, I highly doubt he even noticed anything besides the court and teammates in front of him. Competitiveness, instincts, and adrenaline kicks in and you get tunnel vision.

As Draymond was taking the ball up court, he didn’t do it out of spite for Durant, he’s comfortable dribbling the ball up court and has done it from time to time as a member of the Warriors. He probably didn’t even consciously realize that Kevin was there in the moment, especially with how loud the crowd was.

Kevin stood and pouted on the wrong side of half-court instead of filling the lanes and getting open for a potential game winning shot. He’s an ego driven maniac that needs to be called out. If I have to be the bad guy, I will.

Up to this point in the play, the only person at fault is Kevin Durant for not hustling down court.

Draymond obviously lost control and got stripped so it didn’t work out but can you imagine if he hit Klay for a 3 and they won it at the buzzer? KD would be the one that looks like a clown and Draymond would have all the leverage in the world. But then again, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if that happened.

Kevin continued to bitch and moan on his way to the bench, slammed his hand down if frustration and then proceeded to call out Draymond as soon as he met him in the huddle.

This is where things go down.

Come on, climb into Draymond’s head with me for a sec… Have you ever made a bonehead mistake and then immediately know you just messed up? Yeah, everyone has. Now, what’s the last thing you want to hear from any other person? “Hey, you messed up.” It’s the worst and most frustrating thing someone can do. Now, imagine your teammate telling you that you messed up PLUS you should have gotten HIM the ball. That would infuriate anybody and you’re lying if you say that’s not true.

This is where Draymond loses control in his head and can’t help but pick Kevin apart on a personal level.

You could see Kevin say “give me the ball” like three times when they got to the bench and you can imagine that’s the last thing Draymond wanted to hear in that moment. He’s already disappointed that he made the mistake in the first place, and nobody except for Kevin said anything. So Dray’s brain started to overheat. He just wanted to go in on that cupcake and cut as deep as possible.

I’m sure this is when the free agency chatter started to happen and when KD got all butt-hurt. KD is like the step-child of the Warriors franchise. He and his mom joined the family and while things seem okay on the surface, emotions can run high. When they do, true feelings come out in the most spiteful way possible.

KD started it and Draymond went nuclear.

Draymond got suspended for a game because the Warriors knew that KD is too soft to be able to handle any sort of discipline. The Warriors chose to coddle him and reassure him that he was loved by the Warriors. That way KD thinks twice before leaving the team after this season.

What Kevin should’ve said is that he didn’t want his TEAMMATE to be suspended by the organization of which they both play for, just because of an argument. KD should’ve wanted to prove that he was a team player and not the biggest scumbag on the planet. That would’ve shed positive light on KD and his antics… but instead, we can all rest easy tonight knowing that Kevin Durant is just as insecure and disingenuous as we all thought.

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