Kevin Durant Cried Again and It Was Laughable… Like Usual

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First off, lets give Ric Bucher some props for getting this quote from KD. I don’t normally give props to Big J Journalists, mainly because I think most of them are complete jackasses but here we are.

Here’s the quote that Kevin Durant gave-

“So much hype comes from being around LeBron from other people. He has so many fanboys in the media. Even the beat writers just fawn over him. I’m like, we’re playing basketball here, and it’s not even about basketball at certain points. So I get why anyone wouldn’t want to be in that environment because it’s toxic. Especially when the attention is bullshit attention, fluff. It’s not LeBron’s fault at all; it’s just the fact you have so many groupies in the media that love to hang on every word. Just get out of the way and let us play basketball.”

This guy… this guy right here… is a dangle-y, disingenuous loser who has everyone tricked into thinking he’s a good guy. NOT ME. All he does is bitch and moan about absolutely nothing… CONSTANTLY. He’s had some bad moments this year, ranging from yelling at a fan “shut the fuck up,” being a bad teammate, and crying that he doesn’t get recognition for his defense. KD has been in LeBron’s shadow every single second of his career. Wait, not even his shadow, but more like LeBron’s shadow’s shadow, if that makes sense. That’s how much better LBJ is than KD. Not only that, but LeBron is so much better than everyone else in this league, it’s a wonder that everybody isn’t kneeling at his throne. When you’re as good as LeBron, it’s obvious that you’ll have fans and extra attention. However, none of it is “fluff” and Kevin’s an idiot for even suggesting that.

The crazy thing about this quote is just how out of touch with reality it is. I mean, KD received minimal scrutiny from the media when he went to play for the Warriors and any criticism that he did receive evaporated within about a month or so. He should still be getting criticism to this day, but instead the media has been kissing his feet and even arguing that he’s better than James, which is just simply incorrect. Out of these two players, Kevin is protected by the media far more than LeBron is.

The simple fact of the matter is that KD is as fake as it comes. This quote stemmed from jealousy of LeBron. But why? Kevin gets more people protecting him and his dumbass actions than he deserves and it’s preposterous. If it was up to me, I’d write a piece every day for the rest of my life tearing KD to pieces. On top of all of that, LeBron has been under pressure far more throughout the course of his career than Kevin has and it’s not close. Guess where that pressure comes from… THE MEDIA. LeBron has done nothing but be a model citizen and model teammate in all of his years as a basketball player. Also, does Kevin realize that LeBron has been widely regarded as the best player in the world for the last 14 seasons, at least. Yet, when it comes to winning MVP awards, he’s only received 4. The media votes on who wins the MVP award each season!! So how dumb can you be Kevin?? From what KD is saying, LeBron should have at least 14 MVP awards and Durant should have none. That’s the part that I have a problem with. And the same thing goes for Durant’s Finals MVP awards, LeBron should have those instead of him too, but the media didn’t want him to have them.

When playing with LeBron of course he’s going to get most of the attention from the media but that’s because he’s earned it and also because he’s head and shoulders better than every other player in the league. LeBron has gained fanboys BECAUSE there are so many LeBron James haters in the media and among NBA fans. They exist because of people incorrectly arguing that KD is close to the same level of player as LeBron. LBJ constantly faces the most pressure and gets all the heat in the world when he loses, especially in his Finals games. That heat he gets is mostly unwarranted. When KD lost with the Thunder, year in and year out, it was blamed on Westbrook when it should have fallen on KD’s shoulders.

Durant called the environment surrounding LeBron’s teams, toxic. Just another example of KD putting up a front for his recent actions when HE is the one creating a toxic environment in Golden State. He’s trying to change the conversation and shift it away from his wrongdoings. It won’t work with me but it has worked for every single major media company out there. I see right through KD’s bullshit and I just want everyone else to also… if you even care.

Bottom line is this… LeBron is a good teammate… Players with big egos probably won’t like to play with him… Even though they should… Then, ironically enough, those same players will wind up losing against him in the playoffs because LeBron is just too good… It’s a pretty funny little circle. Lastly, KD officially withdrew himself from the conversation of whether or not he will be with the Lakers next season because that’s not an option any more. You can’t take those statements back and it would be hypocritical to join the Lakers after that untruthful rant.

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