The NL Cy Young Award Winner? You’re a Stupid Idiot If You Don’t Think It’s Jacob deGrom. Here’s Why.

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Is Mr. deGrom on a terrible team? No doubt about it. The New York Mets are just plain awful. But should that get in the way of him winning the National League Cy Young award? Of course not.

This is the most clear cut award in all of sports, or at least it should be. It’s an award given to the best pitcher in their respective league (NL or AL). I’m hearing a lot of uneducated noise that says Aaron Nola or Max Scherzer are more deserving of the NL Cy Young than Jacob deGrom and that’s just patently false. The argument is that Max and Aaron have more wins so they HAVE to be better pitchers! Um, no. You see, pitchers pitch. Yeah, I know, how crazy is that concept?? They have no control over the rest of their team and how many runs they score to put him in a position to win. As a pitcher, if your team doesn’t score any runs, you can’t pick up any wins no matter how well you do your job. Get this… Earlier this season, over the course of 10 straight starts, deGrom had a .87 ERA in which he only picked up 2 wins. Like what?? Would you like to know who’s fault that is?? THE METS OFFENSE. That is complete garbage. The Mets should trade their entire team aside from their pitching and just start again from scratch. If you can’t help your pitcher enough to get him a couple of runs, none of those players should be in the majors. The Cy Young award goes to the best pitcher and frankly, it’s the simplest award to figure out in all of sports. There’s no gauging how much of an impact they make on offense AND defense or how much they mean to their team. It’s so clear. It comes down to one statistic… Earned Run Average. A pitchers ERA is the number of runs they give up per 9 inning pitched. Yeah, no advanced analysis or debate. The only way its not as easy as that is when two guys have ERA’s really, really close to each other, then you can dive into more advanced statistics. Jacob deGrom has an ERA of 1.82… That’s absolutely unheard of. I’ll be personally offended if he doesn’t win the Cy Young award. However, my gut says that he won’t win it because his record on the season isn’t as good as other candidates. And listen, I’m not taking away from the success that the other pitchers have had, they’ve been amazing and if it were any other year, they’d probably be the front-runners. But I just have to emphasize how incredible a sub-2.00 ERA is. He SHOULD win no doubt but that’s not up to me. Screw the rest of the Mets team if Jacob deGrom keeps up this dominance and doesn’t win the Cy Young because in the end, it’ll be their fault. He’s been the most dominant pitcher in all of baseball this season and it’s not really close. Hopefully the voters aren’t idiots but lets be real, they probably will be.


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